Design / Build

Hassle-Free Design/Build Services

Share your vision with us! We will work with you to figure out the best options to fit in your budget, schedule and standards. When you choose us you work with one trusted team for all project coordination and communication. This gets rid of hassles with traditional A&E and general contractor bidding methods.

With traditional methods all entities act separately. This can lead to plan design flaws, over design, or under design. In the end this drives up costs and creates a strain in the client, contractor and designer relationship. We integrate the general contractor and trade contractor services. All while providing the architectural, structural, and MEP systems design services needed to take your project concept to completion.

Advantages of Design-Build Construction

  • Budget concerns addressed early.  Cost versus performance decisions are made with the owner’s vision in mind.
  • Single point of contact. Remove the owner’s hassles in finding an accountable architect, engineers, and a general contractor. Chapin delivers our plan packages costs to the client on a much more competitive basis. We do this by sourcing the right designer for the right job. We also deliver a full set of construction documentation ready for fabrication, vendors and other trade contractors
  • Efficient Scheduling. Expect projects finished faster because bid submittals are reduced and project scheduling is enhanced.
  • Communication is enhanced. With fewer players the focus stays on cutting costs and saving time. All while delivering expert design and solutions.
  • Better construction quality. Our experience allows us to use the best construction practices and select the best materials for each job. Resulting in high quality craftsmanship and durability.

Design/build has become a cost effective solution for new construction in South Carolina. As well as a reliable method of working with with clients, vendors, and trade contractors. Reach out to our team today!