Pre-Construction Planning

Before you commit to large or complex construction projects, let our team confirm accurate building costs. We do this by using data from similar jobs we have done in the past and the constructability of your project. Our job is to look ahead. So before construction even starts we look for potential engineering or design obstacles. Therefore, we can prevent bottlenecks in field construction.  An example is our ability to review the proposed building’s site, often before a client’s purchase. We are able to assess any challenges, costs or benefits with one site or another. Chapin’s pre-construction planning service’s goal is to keep your project on schedule, on budget, and with your satisfaction as #1 priority.

Building a Construction Strategy

When projects go through pre-construction planning, system installations are finished faster. This means less in-field interferences that will cause downtime or field re-work. With direct contacts with the municipalities we are able to speed up permitting. We take a close look at what it takes to complete a project and work to lower risks due to unforseen situations. Chapin is with your project from start to finish with pre-planning including:

  • Material handling and staging
  • Identifying permit requirements
  • Pre-fabrication and vendor sourcing
  • Labor tracking and safety
  • Subcontractor and manpower scheduling

Keep your South Carolina projects moving ahead with the fewest surprises and maximum efficiency. So speak with us to avoid costly surprises and delays. Pre-construction planning with Chapin is the best solution, call today!