Traditional Bidding

Chapin Commercial Construction has trusted industry partnerships for each stage of traditional bidding projects from architectural design to trade contractors and MEP installation. We work as your project’s design leader. So, we ease your team’s concerns by developing full documentation for accurate estimates and for the open bid or invitation only bidding process.

Traditional Bidding With Chapin Commercial Construction

The traditional design-bid-build process works best with open communication and cooperation between all parties. That’s what Chapin achieves. We can work in a single phase or within multiple phases of your project.

With many large or complex construction projects, this bidding method lets your team to stay involved. Furthermore, choosing our team gets your project built on time and in budget.

The Traditional Bidding Difference

When you choose a traditional project delivery, seperate design and construction contracts are bid out to the lowest bidder. Whichever design firm delivers the architectural plans, the bid solicitors must adhere to the owner’s accepted design and project a cost amount based on the “bid phase” documentation set.

There are clear differences when you choose traditional bidding for your construction project:

  • As general contractors, we can take over many tasks to free your time for more important decisions.
  • It is better to partner with a trusted design or construction team to reduce adversarial relationships. Consequently, cutting into budgets and keeping owners in a constant state of ‘putting out fires’. You can avoid this when you choose a professional design-bid-build firm with a reputation for fairness and quality.

Chapin Commercial Construction works to reduce problems through each phase of your South Carolina project. Also as the owner, you have the benefit of greater certainty of what the project end-costs will be. Start your project, reach out today!